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Community Supermarket

East Malling Centre Community Supermarket
Helping to save money and reduce food waste

The aim of our Community Supermarket is to offer food at a reduced price that would otherwise go to waste, and to help you save money in the process. In 2021, we saved a whopping 20,000 kilos of food from going to landfill - while also helping our shoppers to save on their weekly shopping bills.

All items at the supermarket are individually priced much lower than at a regular supermarket. We are open on Tuesdays, with shoppers given an allocated time slot to visit to pick their own shopping. Items available will vary from week to week and will depend on what is made available to us. Our main contributor is FareShare but we also receive donations from several other sources. We are very grateful to everyone who supports us.

To shop in our Community Supermarket you will need to register. Membership is just £3.50 per household per year.

To find out more about becoming a Member, or about donating, please contact us using the form below.

Community Supermarket Enquiry

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